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Celebrities with Braces

Faith Hill, Tom Cruise, Katy Perry, and other stars opted to up their smiles with braces!


Ever wonder what celebrities opted for braces after becoming famous? Elle Magazine recently put together a short list of famous folks who improved their smiles with the help of an orthodontist. They include…

Stars Sporting Braces

  1. Grammy-winning star, Faith Hill
  2. No Doubt singer, Gwen Stefani
  3. Harry Potter star, Emma Watson
  4. Film star, Tom Cruise (Did you catch MI: Rogue Nation yet?)
  5. One of our favorite actresses, Faye Dunaway (got them at age, 61!)
  6. R&B singer, American Idol winner, Fantasia Barrino
  7. Child (now teen) star, Dakota Fanning
  8. British royal, Prince Harry (wore as a kid but allegedly wears hidden ortho support)
  9. Singer, Miley Cyrus (wore the lingual kind behind her teeth)
  10. Pop Queen Katy Perry (well, kinda, in a music video)

See the Elle article for pix of the stars with braces!

Orthodontics contributed to the careers of these stars. Imagine what they can do for you or your kids! (if they’re needed, that is… 🙂 )


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